10/03 00h15>01h55 Dial M for Murder
10/03 01h55>02h55 Girls on the Edge
10/03 02h55>03h40 Royal Recipes
10/03 03h40>07h10 This Is BBC Two
10/03 13h00>14h00 Cats v Dogs: Which is Best?
10/03 14h00>16h00 The Caine Mutiny
10/03 16h00>16h30 Escape to the Country
10/03 16h30>17h30 Me and My Dog: The Ultimate Contest
10/03 17h30>18h30 Final Score
10/03 18h30>19h00 Flog It!
10/03 19h00>20h00 Hugh's Wild West
10/03 20h00>21h00 Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby
10/03 21h00>21h30 David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities
10/03 21h30>22h00 Dad's Army
10/03 22h00>23h30 Hitchcock's Shower Scene: 78/52
10/03 23h30>00h15 New: QI XL
11/03 00h15>00h45 Women's Six Nations Highlights
11/03 00h45>01h45 Question Time
11/03 01h55>03h30 The Lady Vanishes
11/03 03h30>04h25 Civilisations
11/03 04h25>07h10 This Is BBC Two
11/03 07h10>07h55 Coast
11/03 07h55>08h15 The A to Z of TV Gardening
11/03 08h15>09h05 The Instant Gardener
11/03 09h05>09h35 Gardeners' World
11/03 09h35>10h30 Countryfile
11/03 10h30>12h00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
11/03 12h00>12h45 Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge
11/03 12h45>13h15 Lorraine Pascale: How to Be a Better...
11/03 13h15>14h00 MOTD2 Extra
11/03 14h00>15h00 The Ladykillers: Pest Detectives
11/03 15h00>15h45 Money for Nothing
11/03 15h45>17h10 Laura
11/03 17h10>18h10 Back in Time for Tea
11/03 18h10>19h10 World's Most Extraordinary Homes
11/03 19h10>21h00 Deep Impact
11/03 21h00>22h00 Top Gear
11/03 22h00>23h20 Life and Death Row: The Mass Execution
11/03 23h20>23h50 The Mash Report
11/03 23h50>00h15 Top Gear: Extra Gear
12/03 01h45>02h15 Immigration: Who Should We Let In? -...
12/03 02h15>03h10 Holby City
12/03 03h10>07h00 This Is BBC Two
12/03 07h00>07h30 Caught Red Handed
12/03 07h30>08h15 Coast and Country Auctions
12/03 08h15>09h00 Wanted Down Under Revisited
12/03 09h00>10h00 Hugh's Wild West
12/03 10h00>12h00 Victoria Derbyshire
12/03 12h00>12h30 BBC Newsroom Live
12/03 12h30>13h00 The Week in Parliament
12/03 13h00>14h00 Daily Politics
12/03 14h00>14h30 Women's Six Nations Highlights
12/03 14h30>15h15 Yes Chef
12/03 15h15>16h15 Your Home In Their Hands
12/03 16h15>17h15 Planet Earth
12/03 17h15>18h15 Into the Wild with Gordon Buchanan
12/03 18h15>19h00 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
12/03 19h00>19h30 Eggheads
12/03 19h30>20h00 The Repair Shop
12/03 20h00>21h00 Top Gear
12/03 21h00>21h30 Only Connect
12/03 21h30>22h00 University Challenge
13/03 00h15>01h15 World's Most Extraordinary Homes
13/03 22h00>23h00 Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby
13/03 23h00>23h25 Mum
13/03 23h25>23h30 The Archiveologists
13/03 23h30>00h15 Newsnight